Fern Leaves

Our Services

Collaborative Consulting

Data Consulting

  • Design research plans for data gathering & analysis

  • Survey development & analysis

  • Descriptive Analysis

  • Inferential/Explanatory Analysis

  • Evaluation of Intervention(s)/Program(s)

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Cross-Sectional Analysis

Data Storytelling

  • Interpret data results, using the organization's context as a framework

  • Curate strategic insights revealed from the data

  • Provide strategies and recommendations improve targeted outcomes


  • Ongoing technical assistance to support internal staff with data management

  • 3-master mind sessions per month

  • Collect data

  • Survey development

  • Conduct analysis at your request with a quick response rate

Keynote Talks

  • Strategies for data storytelling

  • Applying data analytics to help your business grow

  • Intersectionality of race, equity, and higher education policy

  • Intersectionality of race, higher education and sports

  • Empowerment talks for women and millennial entrepreneurs



Less than 15 pages to summarize the findings.  The brief includes data visuals to support the text, explanation of the results and strategic insights embedded in the data.



Reports are 15-25 pages.  The report includes data visuals to support the text, explanations of the results and strategic insights embedded in the data.


Graphic Report

Graphic reports are 15 pages or less in a PDF document primarily including data visuals of the results.  This includes a brief description of each graphic and strategic insights embedded in the data.


Verbal Presentation

Either in-person or virtual (via a web-based online platform) presentation to present the results to your selected stakeholders (e.g. board members, staff, leadership team, etc.).  A copy of the presentation slides will be provided.  Strategic insights embedded in the data results are included.

*Note:  We are now accepting invitations to present in-person.  However, due to our comfort level with traveling amidst a pandemic, we are limiting in-person presentations to locations within 2-hours driving distance.